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The apps, ranging from online music stores to sites that will pick the name of a tune out of thin air, turn your Web browser or Web-enabled desktop into a full audio entertainment system.


A multi-protocol chat client for Mac that is completely customizable and allows users to add additional features with the use of plug-ins.


AOL's instant messaging software and protocol that can be found on multiple devices.


An online meeting service that's been designed to work both on desktop computers and mobile devices so attendees can be a part of the meeting even if they're not in the office.


A multiclient IM service that pulls in various chat protocols and throws in notifications from e-mail and social networks.


A live Web-based meeting tool. Lets users chat and share files, screens, and presentations over the Web.


A crowd-sourced open Wi-Fi network. Users open up their Wi-Fi hotspot to guests who are a part of the network.


Google's Web based e-mail, which currently offers users in excess of 7 GB of free storage.

Google Talk

A free, Web-based chat service. Can be used on mobile phones, and is found inside of several of Google's other services including iGoogle and Gmail.


Apple's free chat software. Includes file transfer, video conferencing, tabbed conversations, and support for multiple protocols.


VoIP calling service that works through the browser and on both mobile and landline telephones.


Free VoIP calling service that connects international calls through a local intermediary number.


Speech-to-text service that takes phone calls and converts them into text. It's tied into a myriad of services and lets developers build its technology into their apps.

Other Inbox

Gives users an alternate e-mail to give to companies when they sign up for things. It then provides tools for managing correspondence from each site.


A multi-protocol IM client that runs on multiple operating systems. Includes a plug-in architecture for adding additional features.


A messaging service for mobile phones that offers free text messages and a voice message in-box that looks like an in-line conversation.


A desktop mail client that has deep integration with social networks and Web tools like mapping services and search.


A project management tool that specializes in group communication. Team members working on a project can check in with one another and see where everyone is.

Ring Central

Gives businesses a way to manage multiple telephones across different locations, or within the same office.


Puts all of your cell phone use online so you can read text messages, read transcribed voice mails, and edit your address book on the Web.


A software-based VoIP, text, and video chat service. It runs on multiple platforms and is available world wide.


Live forums that can be stuck anywhere and update in real time. Also serves as a directory of live forums.


Mozilla's open-source e-mail software. Has support for RSS, re-skinning, and developer-created plug-ins.


A VoIP calling service that works on your computer or with standard landline phones using a special adapter.


A remote presentation service that lets businesses or teams conduct meetings over the Web, including screen sharing and live chat.

Win Live Hotmail

Microsoft's Web e-mail service. Users can aggregate their e-mail from other services and store up to 5 GB of messages in their accounts.

Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft's live chat service. It can be found on multiple devices from mobile phone's to the Xbox 360.

Yahoo Mail

A free Web e-mail service. Besides serving up e-mail it also has Yahoo's chat service built in.

Yahoo Messenger

Live chat service that's both a standalone software program and a public protocol that can be used in third party chat services.


Micropublishing tool that can be used by private businesses and small teams. Users can post updates that can only be seen by people at their company, or those who have been granted access to that stream of information.


Suite of communication and Web office tools rolled up into one package. Includes live e-mail, calendaring, and an online word processing tool.

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