The Finalists

The apps, ranging from online music stores to sites that will pick the name of a tune out of thin air, turn your Web browser or Web-enabled desktop into a full audio entertainment system.

Amazon MP3

Amazon's online MP3 sales service. Lets users purchase and download MP3s like anything else on Amazon's service.

Amie Street

Music marketplace where songs start out free then rise in price by popularity. The reverse of most of today's fixed price music services.


A platform for broadcasting users' own talk radio shows over the Web. Includes controls for handling callers and queuing up pre-recorded content.


An online music store for independent artists. Provides direct distribution for unsigned artists.


Subscription-based and a la carte music seller. Also sells audiobooks and music from independent artists.


Music discovery and recommendation service. Also provides curated playlists and links to purchase individual tracks.


Free Web radio for your computer and mobile devices. Has both a mobile app and a desktop player.


Free Web-based music player lets you search and listen to tracks in your browser. You can also create and share your playlists with others.


Social music sharing and discovery service. Analyzes your listening habits and gives you recommendations.


Media sharing site focused on music. Users can create and share playlists and track what their friends are up to in a central feed.


Apple's iTunes media store sells and recommends music. Users can also create and share mixes they've created from any content that's sold on the store.


Free music tracks from artists who have granted an open license on their work. Also lets you create and share playlists.


JamLegend turns your keyboard and browser into a video game. You compete Guitar Hero-style against yourself or with others, using your keyboard's function keys like guitar chords.


Free internet radio and music recommendation tool. You drop in the name of the artist you like and it creates a station around it.


LaLa is a music search and discovery tool. Listen to full tracks and buy them without DRM.

Social music discovery and listening tool. Listen to full tracks, and create stations around artists you like.


A network of Internet radio providers. Live365 serves as both a directory and a distribution channel for people who want to create their own stations.


A music search that lets you look for music tracks by keyword, or by singing the song into your computer's microphone. Can also pick up a track with a 10-second clip from any audio source.


An online encyclopedia for music. Also provides full-length tracks for all songs (through Rhapsody) and videos.


Online music downloads and subscription service. Lets users stream and re-download purchased tracks from the Web.

Nexus Radio

A desktop app that taps into Internet radio streams. Also lets users record online streams for offline listening.


A free music streaming and recommendation service. Changes what you're listening to based on how you vote on the track that's playing.

Project Playlist

A music playlist sharing community. Lets you listen to full length tracks and build playlists that can be shared with friends.


Lets users invest in upcoming bands in return for the album they create using that money. Essentially a crowd-sourced record label.


Music identification service. You hold up your phone to the music that's playing and Shazam identifies the track for you.


A directory of Internet radio stations. Also lets users create their own stations which can be broadcast to the world.


SimplifyMedia lets you stream your music collection to yourself, or to your friends. Works on desktop computers and mobile devices.


An Internet radio service that provides customizable radio stations that can be accessed in the browser and on mobile devices.


A search engine for music tracks that lets you play them right from the results. Also doubles as a jukebox with playlists.


SpotDJ is a service that analyzes your playlists and inserts segments from real DJs about the music you're listening to.

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