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Your complete guide to Facebook's Timeline

This guide has everything you need to know about Facebook, including Timeline, privacy settings, and ways to tweak features.

Screenshot by Sharon Vaknin/CNET

Are you ready for change? Facebook has once again redesigned your favorite social network, changing privacy options, adding new features (like the ticker), and killing off profiles in favor of Timelines.

Although we can't help you accept change (it's always tough), there's a great selection of tutorials, tips, and tricks that we put together to help you through the transition.

Find out everything you need to know about the redesign, including how to configure your Timeline, adjust hidden privacy options, and tweak Facebook's features.

Getting started

To get Facebook Timeline right now, go here and click "Get Timeline".

Five things to know about the new Facebook
Facebook is getting major changes within the next few weeks that will alter the way you socialize online with friends. Here's what the new Facebook interface will look like.

Get started with the new Facebook Timeline
Find out everything you need to know about your new profile, how to configure your Timeline, and how to keep your privacy in check.

How to use Facebook Music
Mark Zuckerberg wants you to have "serendipitous experiences" with the new Facebook. If you're ready for the experience, we'll show you how to use Facebook Music.

Tweak some features

How to restore Facebook's Most Recent news feed
By creating a list, you can bring back your Most Recent news feed.

How to hide the Facebook ticker
Facebook added a sidebar ticker to the right of the newly redesigned News Feed. Learn how to remove it in Chrome and Firefox.

Organize your Facebook friends in Lists
Google+ made it dead simple to organize contacts into Circles, and Facebook has followed suit with its revised Lists feature. Learn how to easily organize your friends into groups.

Adjust privacy settings

Five hidden Facebook privacy settings
With Facebook's design overhaul comes a host of new privacy settings that can protect information you'd rather keep private, and prevent third parties from accessing your information.

How to adjust app and Web site permissions on Facebook
Now's the time to check up on any apps or Web sites you authorized in the past, since they may have more access to your profile than you'd like. You can also stop sharing when you're playing certain games with groups or all friends.

How to disable autotagging on Facebook
Facebook's privacy controls are present but may not be set to your liking. Take control of who can tag you in pictures, posts, and places.

Stop or limit Spotify sharing on Facebook
You can stop Spotify from sharing on Facebook via Spotify's preferences, or you can limit who sees the songs you're listening to via Facebook's privacy settings.

How to enable private listening on Spotify
Spotify just rolled out a way to listen to your favorite, albeit embarrassing, music without having it broadcast for all the world (or Facebook) to see.