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Why two-factor log-ins are a good idea

Passwords are fine, but when you really want to keep things safe, you should go for two-factor authentication.

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I've recently spoken about improving your general security by using longer, easier-to-remember passwords, but there are also many services now offering a two-factor or two-step log-in option. So what is it?

More formally known as two-factor authentication, this is a security procedure that requires you to input both a password and a code that is generated to be typed in at the moment you are logging in. This second factor means that someone would not only need your password, but also your smartphone or whatever other device is used to deliver you the code.

If you're a Google user, you can add this to your Google log-in — even game company Blizzard offers it for gamers. And, of course, your bank can offer such added security, too.

If you're looking for that extra something to make your log-in security rock solid, look for two-factor authentication.