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Where to find your Camera Roll in iOS 8.1

Apple heard your complaints and decided to return the iOS Camera Roll back to its mobile platform.

The Camera Roll has returned! Jason Cipriani/CNET

When Apple released iOS 8, it did away with the beloved Camera Roll album users had come to know on iOS devices. The pictures were still there, but instead of being held in an album call Camera Roll, photos were stored in a folder dubbed Recently Added.

In iOS 8.1, Camera Roll makes its triumphant return.

So where can you find it?

  • Launch Photos
  • Tap the Albums tab along the bottom of the screen
  • Select Camera Roll

It's true, this is the same exact location of the Camera Roll since the inception of iOS, it's just now available on iOS 8. Keep in mind however, if you decide to enable iCloud Photo Library, the Camera Roll will once again disappear, being replaced with an album titled "All Photos."

Thanks, Apple. Let's not let this happen again, OK?

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