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Where is the best place for a smart speaker? Here's your guide

Your home might have a smart speaker already, but does it need another? And what rooms deserve one most?

While you might not need a smart speaker in every room of your home, once you test drive a smart speaker or two, you'll quickly learn how useful they can be all around the house. But where should you have smart speakers? What rooms really deserve one?

Here are the places around your home that definitely need a smart speaker.

Living room

Whether it's for listening to music or controlling the lights, the very first smart speaker should go where everyone can enjoy it. The living room is a natural common area where your Google Home ($99 at Walmart) or Alexa will likely get the most use.

In the living room, you can use Google Home and a Chromecast to show the weather or play YouTube or Netflix on the TV. You can set the temperature on the thermostat or use it to play trivia on family game night.


If you opt for a second smart speaker, the kitchen might be the best location. Not only is it also centrally located and highly trafficked, it's one place where a smart speaker can come in handy.

You can use your speaker to build a grocery list. Or both Google Home and Alexa can help you cook dinner for the family, set timers for different recipes, fire up the toaster oven or just play your favorite podcast while you straighten up. And when you're running low on supplies, you can order things like dish soap or more coffee filters with your voice.


If there are a dozen great reasons to have a smart speaker in your kitchen or living room, there are a dozen more for one in your bedroom. A smart speaker won't just replace your old alarm clock, it'll double as a noise machine, podcast and music streamer, audiobook player and news source. It can help with your morning routine just as much as it can keep you from distractions at night.

Forget to turn down the AC before laying down? Don't get up and adjust the thermostat or reach for your phone. Just tell your smart speaker to do it for you. The same goes for turning off the lights or locking the doors.


The bathroom might seem like an odd place to keep a smart speaker. A bathroom is a sacred place where privacy would otherwise be non-negotiable. But listening to the news or your favorite playlist while showering might change your mind.

Never mind reordering shampoo as soon as you run out or starting the coffee when you step out of the shower.

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