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Web content recommendations based on your browsing history

If you feel that you've been spinning your heels in the same corner of the Web for too long, you may want to branch out--but where to start? Sitesimon examines your browsing history and delivers similar content you might never hear about otherwise.

One of the chief problems with our networked lives is a sort of information obesity: we've got way too much to take in, yet we may stick with our go-to sources even when there are other, potentially better sources, out there waiting for us.

Sitesimon wants us to broaden our horizons by checking out sites similar to those we already visit. It's easy to use, and here's how to get started:

  1. Sign up for a free Sitesimon account and install the Sitesimon extension for Chrome. This happens automatically as you sign up, but you can also ask Sitesimon to import your last 30 days' worth of browser history (if it still exists).

  2. You now have the option of manually approving anyone who wants to follow your browsing, excluding adult content, secure sites, and stealth-mode browsing. This seems like something most users will think about very carefully; I sure did.

  3. You may now need to restart your browser. If you see an error message after signing up, or the Sitesimon logo in your extension bar has a red circle-cross over it, just restart and things should be swell. Log in to Sitesimon using the extension icon and it will start to follow your tracks.

  4. Sitesimon dashboard
    Sitesimon dashboard
  5. Once you've been browsing for a while, check in with the Sitesimon dashboard to see what it recommends. You can also use it as a social-browsing service if you can get your friends to sign up; this could be a big deal or a dud, depending on how many folks decide to take part.