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View live weather conditions on your iOS device with Weathertron

Getting a generic weather report is a thing of the past. Using a simple iOS app you can view a minute-by-minute forecast.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

There are plenty of ways to get a weather report for your current location. When it comes to getting timely forecast that could potentially save you from getting caught in a downpour, one of the more reliable sources comes from The Dark Sky Company and Forecast.io.

By making the same API that Forecast.io uses available to developers, it gives any developer the chance to integrate weather forecasts into an any app. A new app, named Weathertron, was created by a couple of self-proclaimed "data visualization nerds" and has done just that.

Using the same data that powers the Forecast.io service, Weathertron is capable of showing you the temperature and weather conditions for every minute of the day.

The user interface is fun to play with and easy to navigate. You're able to view the day's conditions, as well as tomorrow's conditions in detail, along with a more generic seven-day forecast. The app gives you the option to use your current location, or add a city of your choice and switch between them as you see fit.

It's available for the iPhone and iPad, with the iPad version being nothing more than a blown-up iPhone version, and currently only viewable in portrait mode. You can purchase it from the App Store for 99 cents.