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Use voice commands to tighten up Google privacy, security settings

You can now view and adjust your Google account settings with a simple voice command.

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First spotted by Android Police, the new voice commands make it easier to view your search history, change account settings, adjust privacy settings and adjust security settings.

According to a Google support document, the four new commands are:

  • Change your account settings: "Open Google account settings."
  • See your search history: "Show my Google search history."
  • Change your privacy settings: "Adjust my Google privacy settings."
  • Change your security settings: "Adjust my Google security settings."

I've tested the new commands on a Galaxy S7 Edge ($123 at Back Market) running Android Marshmallow and a Pixel XL through Google Assistant, and can confirm they work. However, you need to remember the exact phrasing outlined above or your device will end up doing a Google search instead of opening the proper page.

Read more about Google Assistant and Google's Pixel smartphone here.