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Use Pebble with an Android device? Install this app

The official Pebble app on Android doesn't send every alert to your watch. Pebble Notifier, on the other hand, does.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Now that the masses have the chance to walk into Best Buy and pick up a Pebble watch, the weaknesses of the watch and apps will naturally be front and center. One of the weaknesses of the current official Pebble Android app is lack of support for notifications from third-party apps.

Pebble Notifier, a free app available in the Play Store, will send notifications from any app installed on your device to your Pebble watch. Setup takes little time, and is very straightforward.

To use the app, you're required to grant it accessibility access (the same is required by the official Pebble app), which allows it to interact with notifications on your device. As such, it can then push notifications to your Pebble watch for any and all apps installed on your device.

The first time you launch Pebble Notifier you'll be asked to enable its accessibility. After it's enabled you can then decide how you want it to handle notifications. You can either have the app send notifications for every app -- all the time -- or you can customize the settings.

You can set the app to send notifications for only the apps you've selected, or to exclude certain apps. After you've curated your list of apps, make sure to tap on the menu button and select save.

Once it's all set up you can expect any notification that comes to your device (so long as it's for an app you have activated in Pebble Notifier) to show up on your watch.