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Use carabiners to organize your wrench sets

If you're having trouble keeping track of your wrenches in your tool bag, this tip will help.

Taylor Martin/CNET

Keeping tools organized is essential to finding the right tool for the job quickly, but also for not losing part of a set. If your tools are properly organized, you can tell at a glance if something is missing or out of place.

A clever tip for organizing one of the most obnoxious tools in a toolkit, wrench sets, comes from Reddit user Scienlologist.

Before we start, you need to know that this only works with combination wrenches -- the ones with an open-end spanner and a box-end spanner. You will need one or two cheap carabiners (also called spring clips) per set, depending on the size of the carabiners and the size of the wrenches. You can find carabiners in multi-packs online for around $0.50, £1 or AU$1 each. You may want to pick up a few different sizes or colors just to be safe.

Once you have your carabiners, open the clip and slide the box-end of the wrenches onto the carabiner, all facing the same direction. A medium-sized spring clip will hold five to seven wrenches. You may want to use a smaller carabiner for the smaller wrenches in a set and larger clip for the larger wrenches. Or you could use different colored spring clips to color code which wrenches are standard and which are metric.

This organization method isn't very practical for a full-sized toolbox, but it does make it easier to keep tabs on your wrenches in a portable tool bag. And it makes them easier to grab all at once. However, it also means it's more difficult to get to a specific wrench in the middle -- you'll have to take a couple wrenches off the clip to get to the one you need.