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Use an iPhone, Pebble watch to track your heart rate

Reading your heart rate is possible using the camera and flash on your iPhone, and now you can send those stats to your wrist with this app.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Monitoring your heart rate is seemingly becoming a staple for upcoming activity monitors and smartwatches. The Pebble lineup of smartwatches currently lacks this capability, but that hasn't stopped a developer from creating a companion app for the watch.

The app is called Pebble Heart Rate and requires both an iPhone app ($1.99 in the App Store) and a free Pebble app.

After installing the Pebble Heart Rate app on your iPhone, your heart rate is calculated when you place a finger over the camera and flash on your phone. The app will also tell you your estimated body temperature, which during my testing was surprising accurate (I compared it against a true thermometer).

You'll need to have the Pebble app installed and open on your watch in order to view your heart rate and current temp on your wrist.

The iPhone app itself will work with or without the Pebble app, and does an OK job of charting your heart stats. The design of the app could use some work, and the annoying beeping sound should be optional.

I also ran into a few situations where the iPhone app wouldn't recognize that my Pebble watch was connected. Backing out of the app on my watch and relaunching it solved the issue.

You can purchase Pebble Heart Rate from the App Store, and search the Pebble store to install the companion app on your watch.