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Type faster on the iPad's split keyboard with six hidden keys

Did you know that there are six hidden keys on the iPad's split keyboard that could help you type faster?

I don't use the iPad for typing anything longer than a URL in Safari or a line or two of an e-mail, and when I do use the keyboard, I rarely split it. This tip from a post on iPad Insight, however, might make me reconsider using the split keyboard.

Lurking along the inside edges of the split keyboard are six hidden keys. They simply repeat three of the available keys on the opposite side of the keyboard, but these hidden keys might help touch typists type faster.

Here's the deal: instead of using your right thumb to reach the Y, H, and B keys, which are the left-most keys on the right side of the split keyboard, you can type those letters by tapping just off the right edge of the left side of the split keyboard. And the reverse is true for the T, G, and V keys. If my explanation is confusing, just look at this image to see where these six hidden keys reside:

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

To see the iPad's split keyboard in action, check out Jason Cipriani's video post here. And if the onscreen keyboard isn't your thing, then perhaps you need an iPad keyboard case; Scott Stein picks his favorites.

Do you have any iPad typing tips? And do you think these hidden keys might aid your iPad typing efforts? Let me know in the comments below.