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Two substitutes for the missing jump-ahead-a-day button on Xfinity X1

Comcast's Xfinity X1 platform lacks the ability to jump around the channel guide a day at a time, but there are two options that approximate this missing functionality.

After you've set up your Xfinity X1 box, programmed a 30-second skip on the XR2 remote, and took the X1 Remote app for iOS out for a spin, you'll soon realize that neither the remote control nor the iPhone app features a jump-ahead-one-day button. On the old remote, the B and C buttons let you jump back and ahead one day,respectively, when browsing the guide, which came in useful when you were hunting for upcoming shows to record.

Comcast plainly admits that such functionality is lacking on the Xfinity X1 platform, claiming that with the X1's improved search you won't miss jumping about the channel guide a day at a time. That may be true, but I still miss being able to see, for example, Jon Stewart's scheduled guest each night of the week with a few clicks of the C button. After scouring more than a few AV forums looking for a way to program a jump-ahead-a-day button on the XR2 remote, I have determined such a hack is not currently available. Thus, you are left with two alternatives for the missing jump-ahead-and-back-a-day buttons.

Alternative A: Improved search
You can call up the search screen via the Xfinity button on the XR2 remote, but a faster way is to press a number button when watching a show -- you don't even need to call up the guide first. When the search screen shows up on the right side of your TV, press the left arrow to delete the number you entered and then press the C button to call up the onscreen keyboard. Now, you'll be able to search by keyword, and the X1 does an admirable job with its auto-complete suggestions.

Matt Elliott/CNET

When you find the show for which you are searching, arrow down to the Episode Guide menu option, which will show you any upcoming episodes along with any past episodes that are being shown in syndication or available On Demand.

Alternative B: Mini-guide
With the X1, you have two onscreen guides at your disposal. There is the full-screen guide, and then there is the mini-guide, which runs as a single-column along the right edge of your TV. You can toggle between the two versions of the channel guide by pressing the Guide button on the XR2 remote.

Matt Elliott/CNET

For our purposes here, launch the mini-guide. Find the channel you are interested in from the mini-guide and with it highlighted, press the right-arrow key to view the upcoming shows on that channel. Because the shows are laid out vertically in this view, you can use the page-up and page-down buttons to jump ahead and backward in time in bigger blocks than you can by arrowing left and right on a channel in the full-screen guide. Each press of the page-down button moves you ahead anywhere between three and six hours, depending on a channel's programming.

If you have the Xfinity X1 box and know a better substitute for the missing jump-ahead-a-day button, please share in the comments below.