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Turn off notifications from websites in Chrome on Android

Getting too many alerts from mobile websites? Here's how to disable them.

Some mobile websites, like Facebook, will deliver push notifications to Chrome on Android so you don't miss an update or reply. This usually comes in the form of a pop-up asking you to allow notifications. If you're quickly scrolling through a site, it's too easy to accidentally tap the pop-up.

Looking for a way to turn off these notifications for good? Here's how:

In the top right-hand corner of Chrome for Android, tap the overflow menu. Head to Settings > Site settings > Notifications.

Screenshots by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Here you'll need to tap on the mobile address for the website that's bugging you with notifications. Then, you can revoke this access two ways:

  • Clear and reset all data and cookies associated with the website, which will log you out of it and discontinue notifications.
  • Only disable the notifications by tapping on the bell icon and choosing Block.

Now you'll only receive notifications from the websites of your choosing.

Looking for the settings in the desktop version? Check out How to turn off Google Chrome desktop notifications.