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Transfer files between Android devices over Wi-Fi with TapPouch

Transferring files between Android devices can be easy or near impossible, depending on attached hardware and your own patience. TapPouch offers a simple solution for devices sharing a Wi-Fi network.

When it comes to file sharing between Android devices, Bluetooth can be slow, e-mail can be ridiculous, and transferring files using a computer feels like giving up. Wi-Fi is practically everywhere, and newer Android devices (4.0 and later) have built-in Wi-Fi file sharing capability. For older devices, TapPouch makes it simple to transfer files on the same Wi-Fi network. Here's how to use it: 

  1. Install the app here. Note that you need to install it on every device you want to transfer files to or from. 
  2. Run the app on every device you want to connect. 
  3. From a device containing files you want to share, tap "Share Files/Folders," then the type of file you want to share. 
    Step 3: Select file type to share with TapPouch.
    Step 3: Select file type to share with TapPouch. Rob Lightner/CNET
  4. You should see a selection of photos, music files, or whatever else you chose. Select the files you want to send and then tap Share.
  5. You should see a six-digit Share Key; keep it handy. On any device you want to receive these files, tap "Get Files/Folders" and enter the key. The transfer should start right away and the files should end up on the new device's SD card. 

That's it! TapPouch is great for big files, or for large sets of files. 

Here's more on Android file transfers: 

Thanks to Guiding Tech for the tip!