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Track the numbers that matter most with Numerous

This new app wants to help you track the most important numbers in your life.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Smartphones have made it possible to better track important numbers ranging from your bank account balance to the number of steps you take in a day. Even though the ease of use and portability of smartphone apps has made all of this fairly straightforward, one company thinks tracking important numbers should be even easier.

With ease of use in mind, Numerous, Inc. has released a free iOS app built and designed to help you keep tabs on the numbers that matter the most in your life. Currently, users can create custom number cards, or use any of the pre-filled cards available in the app.

For example, I have a card counting down the number of days until Apple's World Wide Developer Conference and Google I/O next month. Along with the countdown timers, I added a card to display my daily step count, and the number of Numerous users. You can also set cards to track the temperature, stock prices, snow base, and pretty much anything else you can quantify.

Arguably more important than the ability for users to create custom cards, is the ability for third-party developers to integrate number tracking with a free API from Numerous.

You're able to set alerts for specific numbers, or set the apps alert badge to mirror a number you're monitoring. In my case, I currently have it set to display the current Bitcoin price.

I do have a minor gripe about the app, however. I'd like to be able to disable alerts across the board, without having to disable them in the iOS settings app. As it is now, you have to manually disable alerts for each category or card you add to your account in that respective cards' settings.

Numerous is free and available in the App Store.