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Toggle Android 5.0 device settings with your voice

Forget third-party widgets, Google's Search app will now let you use your voice to toggle several settings on Android Lollipop devices.

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A recent update to the Google Search app on Android 5.0 Lollipop devices will allow users to toggle their Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and flashlight (camera LED) with their voice. The device will also need to be running the most recent version of the Google Search app for these voice commands to work.

To test them, you can tap the search button in the app, or wake the service with the "OK, Google" command, if you have that set up. Next, simply ask the service to toggle your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the flashlight. For example:

"OK, Google, turn on Bluetooth."

A Google Now card appears and shows you what's being toggled. You can touch the card to adjust the toggle if you asked for the wrong one or changed your mind. Additionally, if you have the volume on, you'll hear confirmation of the action being spoken to you.

Toggle the Wi-Fi and flashlight settings with your voice. Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Right now this feature only works for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the flashlight. However, it will still bring up shortcuts to your other settings -- like GPS, NFC and Airplane mode -- if you ask it to toggle them.

What other toggles would you like to see added to the Google Now voice commands? Share them in the comments below.

(Via AndroidPolice and Lifehacker)