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Three ways to add audio to your HDTV

You bought a great-looking TV, but don't forget the audio. Improve voice clarity, music playback, and overall sound with these tips.

There's an undesirable trend happening. It seems, at least, like the thinner HDTVs get, the worse they sound. And no matter how much I tweak the audio options, nothing helps.

Welcome, fellow TV owners, to the era I'm dubbing BYOS -- Bring Your Own Speaker. Flat panel TVs are specialized to simply look fabulous, and although there is sound, it's really meant to hold you over until you buy some kind of audio system.

In this guide, I'll give you three of the best options for adding audio to your HDTV. There's a "splurge" option, a cheap set-and-forget route, and my favorite middle of the road solution.

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