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Three blogging apps for the iPad

BlogPress, WordPress, or Blogsy? Which is the best app for blogging on an iPad? In one blogger's view, there's a clear winner.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott

There are surprisingly few blogging apps for the iPad. Sure, you can access your preferred blogging platform through Safari, but why aren't there more apps tailored to the iPad for bloggers? I've used three and have a definitive favorite among the trio. Below, I give a summary of each, and if you click the links, you'll get tutorials that walk you through using each app.

The priciest of the bunch, Blogsy is still a reasonable $4.99. What elevates it above the others is how easy it makes it to add and manipulate photos and videos. It doesn't take much more than dragging and dropping to get photos and videos aligned and sized just right. And Blogsy's preview presents a very accurate picture of what your published posts will look like. At present, it supports only the Blogger, WordPress, and Posterous platforms, but if you use one of these and have an iPad, Blogsy is worth its modest price.

BlogPress sits in the middle. It costs $2.99 and is more well-rounded than WordPress but not as slick as Blogsy. It supports a greater number of blog providers than Blogsy, but its image-editing tools leave something to be desired.

The best part about the WordPress iPad app is its price: free. Other than that, the app is limited and buggy. It has no HTML editor, for example, and embedding a video in a post is a seemingly impossible task. If you blog with any regularity, I recommend spending $5 for Blogsy, or $3 for BlogPress if you use a platform not supported by Blogsy.