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The WordPress keyboard shortcut that saved my sanity

WordPress adds a line between paragraphs, and its editor does not offer a way to change this spacing. There is, however, a keyboard shortcut that lets you add a single-spaced line break instead of a double-spaced paragraph break.

Matt Elliott/CNET

I've used WordPress intermittently over the years for projects here and there, but it wasn't until yesterday that I ran into this issue of line spacing for paragraph breaks. I am helping a friend with a state senate campaign site this summer and was updating his events page that listed upcoming house parties and debates.

I wanted to group short lines of text together so that the details of each event were single-spaced, with a double-spaced paragraph break then separating each event. But each time I hit Enter at the end of a line, WordPress double-spaced it, adding an extra line where I didn't want it.

I tried switching from the standard Paragraph formatting to Address, but that didn't work. I then tried moving from the Visual editor to the Text editor and adding my own HTML line breaks, but WordPress stubbornly stripped out my tags when I republished the page.

Thankfully, I came across a keyboard shortcut before I pulled out all of my hair. If you hit Shift-Enter, it adds a line break as opposed to a paragraph break, allowing you to create blocks of single-spaced lines.

Do you have any WordPress tricks of the trade ? If so, please share in the comments below.