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The quickest way to message Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail contacts on a Mac

Swifty sits in your Mac's menu bar and lets you quickly send private messages to your Facebook friends, direct messages to your Twitter followers, and e-mails to your Gmail contacts.

So many social networks, so little time. If you struggle to keep up with your various lines of communication on Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, then perhaps Swifty can help. It's a $1.99 Mac app that sits in your Mac's menu bar and lets you quickly fire off messages and e-mails to your contacts.

After installing the app and launching it, a small paper-airplane icon will appear in your Mac's menu bar. You will need to allow it to access your contacts, after which you can choose to connect it to your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

To use Swifty, simply click on the paper airplane in the menu bar, choose the recipients, enter a message, and hit the send button. You can send a single message to a mix of Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail contacts. And if you choose a Twitter follower for a message, Swifty helpfully displays a character count. Swifty sends only private messages for Facebook, DMs for Twitter, and e-mails for Gmail. It does not let you post Facebook status updates or tweets.

In settings, you can edit or delete the default Sent via Swifty signature, choose to launch the app at start-up, and select a keyboard shortcut to launch the app.

(Via Lifehacker)