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The best Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals on bedding, air purifiers and home goods

Snag the best Prime Day deals on home decor, bedding, gadgets and appliances.


Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019 and the best Prime Day deals on home goods, bedding and more? Like Black Friday in July, the almighty online retailer has slashed prices on some of the best household products, home goods, gadgets kitchen items and the like. Whether for a posh wedding gift, a gift for a student going back to school or to treat yourself, Prime Day is the best time to score major deals and discounts on thousands of highly rated home goods and these are our favorite so far.

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Some sales are short, lasting as little as a few hours or until they're sold out, while others go for 36 or 48 hours! A healthy amount of Prime Day deals are for Prime members only -- but not all of them, so we'll keep a close watch. But if you want guaranteed access to as many of the deals as possible, sign up for Prime today. 

Disclosure: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the services featured on this page.  

The best home goods and bedding deals on now for Amazon Prime Day

These pre-Prime home goods sales are happening now at Amazon.


Dyson has re-invented the vacuum time and again but these suckers can be expensive which is why we're hopping towards are mousepad to snag this V7 model for $120 off during Prime Day.  Cord-free means hassle-free without compromising on power.


Let the robots do the work. With Wi-Fi connectivity and Alexa capability, this self-charging smart vacuum cleans hard floors, carpet, pet hair and nearly anything else you can throw at it. Sit back, relax and let Roomba handle it.


This Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket set comes with two duvet covers for both cold and hot sleepers. Trendy weighted blankets have been cited to help problem sleepers and its praises are sung by sleep scientists and occupational therapists alike. 


Plush memory foam conforms to your body and shape for added sleep comfort and support. Memory foam technology has helped millions of troubled sleepers but can be on the expensive side. This Prime Day discount is a good excuse to try one out.


This thing really sucks. With lithium technology, you'll enjoy a stronger suction than most in its class. Washable bowl and filter so the machine itself doesn't become a total mess. 


With more toxins and allergens in the air then ever it's important to protect you and your family's air and this Levoit home purifier is just the thing. At a deep discount for Prime Day it's a worthwhile investment for your lungs. 

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