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Ten most useful Nook tips and tricks

I spent some time getting to know my Simple Touch and put together 10 of the least obvious and most useful tips and tricks that you can put to use right away.

Business Insider

Purchasing and reading books on your Nook is simple enough, but navigating the interface and getting extras (like free library books) does require some guidance.

After some bonding time with my Simple Touch, I gathered the 10 most useful tips you probably missed while engrossed in the latest chapter of "A Game of Thrones."

Bookmark these tips and clue me in on your discoveries in the comments below.

1. Customize the screensaver
Watch the video to find out how you can easily grab any photos from the Internet or your personal collection and turn them into a personalized screensaver for your Nook.

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2. Use the hidden "back" gesture
Simply swipe the black top bar from right to left to go back to the previous page.

3. Look up hyphenated words
Still ignored by Barnes & Noble is the inability to highlight and look up hyphenated words in the dictionary--for some reason, the Nook doesn't allow them to be selected. There's no permanent fix, but if you see a hyphenated work you'd like to define, tap the middle of the screen, select "text," and check "Publisher Defaults." When you've looked up the word, revert back to your preferred text settings.

4. Quickly access Wi-Fi
To toggle Wi-Fi on or off, tap the time (clock) in the upper-right corner of the screen and check or uncheck the box.

5. Organize your library with shelves
Tap the "n" button, then "Library," and select "Shelves" from the drop-down menu on the left. Tap "Add Shelf," give it a name, and check the boxes next to the books you'd like to include.

6. Archive books
To remove books from the Library, you can archive them. Head to your Library on your Nook, double-tap a book title, and select "Archive." You can view (and resurrect) archived titles by selecting "Archive" in the drop-down menu of the main Library screen.

7. Make a wishlist
While browsing the Shop, bookmark any desired books by checking the box next to "Wishlist." You can view your picks later by tapping "My Wishlist" in the main Shop screen.

8. Check out library e-books

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9. Let a friend borrow a book
Any book in your Library with a LendMe badge is eligible to be lent out to a friend for 14 days at no cost.

On your Nook, head to the Library and tap "LendMe" next to the eligible book. Tap "With Contacts" > Next > Select a Contact > Add Contact. Enter the name and e-mail address of the recipient. It's not necessary to invite the person to be a Nook Friend.

Once you've added the contact, tap your friend's name in the Contact list and you'll have the option to compose a short message before you send the book.

10. Get free e-books
Give your wallet a break by grabbing a book from one of the many free e-book resources online. Check out the full list here.