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Teach yourself two of Photoshop's new tricks

If you want to remove an ex from your Facebook photos, or add some pop to those staid vacation shots, these two How To videos cover the basics of Photoshop CS5's new content-aware fill and high dynamic range tools.

Now playing: Watch this: Use Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop CS5

Now playing: Watch this: Create an HDR image in Photoshop CS5

Two of the best new and improved features in Photoshop CS5 are the new content-aware fill feature and the overhauled high-dynamic range tools. Available in both Photoshop CS5 basic (Windows | Mac) and Photoshop CS5 Extended (Windows | Mac), the two tools enhance features that Photoshop has already had in ways that make them more useful and easier to use.

In the first video, we cover how to use the content-aware feature to remove both small objects, such as telephone wires, and large objects, such as an entire person.

In the second video, we go over the massive changes made to the high-dynamic range merging tool, and spotlight the new HDR-toning tool for giving pictures than HDR look without having to take multiple exposures.

Whether you're a Photoshop fanatic or a digital photography neophyte, these How Tos will ensure that you get the most out of Adobe's expensive flagship program.