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Sum up YouTube video stats with VidIQ Vision for Chrome

Ready to find out how you can reach a larger audience with your YouTube videos? VidIQ's Chrome extension will show you what makes other videos so popular.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

When you create a video to share with the world on YouTube, you want it to be a hit. Although you can find analytics for your video through the YouTube tools, there's more specific services that can help fine-tune your ability to reach more viewers and gain more subscribers. VidIQ, a YouTube-certified and brand-focused company, offers features like analytics, video scheduling, Facebook integration, and bulk management for videos and comments.

Instead of signing up for an account, or the full suite of tools with VidIQ, why not use a simple way to sample the goods? VidIQ is now offering a free Chrome extension called Vision that will add an information-packed widget to each YouTube page.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

First, head over to the Chrome Web Store entry for VidIQ Vision. Click the Add to Chrome button to install a copy into your Web browser. After the install, you can head to a video on YouTube to check out the widget next to a video (as shown at top).

The widget will display the VidIQ score (proprietary scoring), average watch time, Facebook data, Tweets, words per minute, tags (which YouTube recently hid), and description word count. The Vision extension can analyze all of this data and tell you where improvement is needed. To see their suggestions or comments (if applicable), just navigate your mouse over each section of the widget.