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Store and stream music in the cloud with iOS

Although Amazon's Cloud Drive and Player aren't available to iPhone, iPod, and iPad users, there are other free services that will let you store and stream music to your mobile device.

When Amazon launched its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, only Android users celebrated the ability to stream, download, and edit their cloud music on the go. iOS users groaned and quickly found workarounds, but there's still no graceful way for iPhone, iPad, or iPod users to stream music from their Amazon cloud.

Right now, the only way for iOS users to stream music from Cloud Player is by manually selecting songs one-by-one--that is, there's no skipping, shuffling, or repeat options. But if you suddenly crave "Don't Stop Believin'" while waiting for the bus, and it happens to be stored in your Amazon Cloud Drive, I'll show you how to use Amazon Cloud Player with an iOS device (in the video below).

While this is a new endeavor for Amazon, other cloud storage and streaming services, like Dropbox and Sugarsync, figured this out years ago. What's more, the services offer dedicated iOS apps, letting you stream music you've stored in your personal cloud. Check out the video below to learn how to store and stream music in the cloud to your iOS device.

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