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Stop your toddler from closing his favorite iOS app

Tired of your toddler pressing the home button on your iOS device while he is playing a game or educational app? We found a solution to your problem--BubCaps.

Parents with toddlers will be able to relate to this scenario: You give your toddler an iOS device with the Monkey Lunchbox game pulled up, hoping to teach him about shapes as well as keep him entertained for awhile. When you hand over the device, he gets really excited, starts playing, and then presses the home button, closing the app. The cycle repeats enough that this situation eventually becomes a game to the child, and a source of frustration for you, the parent.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you will want to watch the video above. We found a product called BubCap that hopes to help parents and toddlers alike.

If you are interested in ordering some BubCaps from Robot Paperclip, you can find them on Amazon or on the BubCap Web site. They are $5 (plus shipping) for a four pack.