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Stop the iPhone AutoPlay pop-up

That AutoPlay window may be useful for some users, but the rest of us find it incredibly annoying--especially since there's no obvious way to disable it. Here's how.

AutoPlay, begone! A simple Windows tweak stops the pop-up.

Ever notice how the AutoPlay window appears whenever you connect your iPhone to your PC? (Correction: your Vista PC. Does this "feature" exist on Macs, too?)

While some users may find the window useful, I end up closing it 99 times out of 100--each time wondering why Vista doesn't give me the option of preventing it from appearing in the first place. After all, the pop-ups for most other devices include a "do nothing" option. Why must the iPhone AutoPlay be different?

Fortunately, there's an easy way to kick it to the curb. Just fire up the Control Panel, then type "autoplay" in the search field. Click the eponymous link when it appears.

Scroll down to the Devices section, find the entry for your iPhone, then click the accompanying drop-down menu. Choose "Take no action," click Save, and you're done! Note that connecting your iPhone will still launch iTunes (if you have the latter configured accordingly), but from here on it won't pester you with the AutoPlay box.

What do you think? Do you find AutoPlay useful, or is this the pop-up-banishing solution you've been waiting for your whole iPhone life? Share your thoughts in the comments.