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Still not satisfied with sync? Try Google!

If the cloud and sync services of Dropbox, SkyDrive and others aren't doing it for you, then maybe you should try the most obvious alternative around.

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When we talk about cloud and sync services, it's sometimes easy to forget the juggernauts of the industry.

Google is about a lot more than just search these days, and, if you have a Google account, then there are dozens of amazing applications tucked away for you to discover.

Google Docs lets you work directly through the web on documents, and have them available wherever you need them. Google's photo application Picasa also lets you push all of your pictures up into your Google account, and you can add storage at a cost of around $5 per year per 20GB.

Upgrading to a Google Apps account adds even more cloud-service options, and all are delivered under your very own domain name — and you can get Google Apps for free!

You can go very deep with a lot of different services from Google. If you do some digging around there, you may find the solutions you've been looking for.