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Steam now lets you move your games' install folders

Take your games to a new hard drive without needing to reinstall them.

With its most recent Steam client update, Valve has added the ability to move the install folders for your Steam games. Before this update, you had to either install a third-party app or use a lengthy workaround to move the install folders for your games if you wanted to avoid re-downloading games to a new hard drive. Now, this ability is but a click away.

As Artem Russakovskii points on on Google+, Steam offers a button to move install folders. Here's where to find it:

1. Go to your Steam Library, right-click on a game and select Properties.

2. Click on the Local Files tab and you should see a button for Move Install Folder.

I received the update but still don't see the button. Allow me, however, to offer you a mockup of what it'll look like as I wait for it to roll out to me:

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Unfortunately, there appears to be no way to select multiple games to move as a batch. Instead, you must go game by game to move your install folders.

(Via Lifehacker)