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Speed up file sorting dramatically in Windows

Sorting files after downloading or work can get repetitive and somewhat boring. Pneumatic Tubes File Router makes the process as painless as possible for Windows users.

If you need to move lots of files into different locations, you can start to see double pretty quickly. This makes it easy to make mistakes, and of course it's not the most efficient process even when you're at your best. Pneumatic Tubes File Router is a free app for Windows that lets you set up destinations and then quickly drag and drop files or add them to a "conveyor belt" for easy sorting. Here's how it works:

  • Download and install Pneumatic Tubes File Router here. 
  • The first time you run it, click the green plus-sign icon in the upper left to create new pipes. Just select a location, a name, and an icon (if you like). You can also add a hotkey for each destination. 
  • Once you've got your destinations set up, you can either drag and drop files from Explorer or other file managers straight into your pipes, or toggle the conveyor belt. This opens a folder (the default is the root directory, but you can go anywhere) and lets you flip between files and send them down a pipe easily.
Pneumatic Tubes File Router
Pneumatic Tubes File Router Rob Lightner/CNET

That's it! Pneumatic Tubes is quite simple, but makes file sorting so much easier that it's worth a try.