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Simplify enterprise Wi-Fi connections in iOS

An overview for installing custom profiles with CA Certificates to simplify enterprise Wi-Fi connections in iOS.

Enterprise Wi-Fi connections need specific device security policies, VPN configurations, Wi-Fi settings, and certificates that allow your iPhone and iPod Touch devices to work with your other enterprise systems. This is an overview of how to create a new CA Certificate using iPhone Configuration Utility so people won't have to verify that they trust your Certificates each time they connect to your Wi-Fi.

  1. Open the iPhone Configuration Utility 3.0 (download here).
  2. Once open, create a new profile and a CA Certificate on the Credentials tab, as shown:
  3. Apple
  4. In the Wi-Fi tab, use your enterprise settings to appropriately configure your Certificate. Be sure to specify Trusted Certificates, Trust Exceptions, and Trusted Server Certificate Names for your enterprise.
  5. Apple

When set properly, CA Certificates can make connecting to enterprise Wi-Fi simpler for people. They also allow for better security and control of Wi-Fi access.

According to Apple:

"IPCU version 3.0 adds support for new Mobile Device Management (MDM) features introduced in iOS4 and enables wireless delivery of configuration profiles. It also includes support for Cisco AnyConnect and Juniper Networks SSL VPN clients, CardDAV, multiple Exchange accounts and SAN support using Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)."