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Share boatloads of iPhone photos, videos with WeTransfer

This free app lets you e-mail up to 10GB of photos and videos at once from your iPhone.


There are a number of ways -- e-mail, text, iCloud, Photo Stream, Dropbox, and social networking to name a handful of popular options -- to share iPhone photos. There are also a number of ways -- email, text, iCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and social networking to name a few -- to share iPhone videos. There may not be an easier way, however, to share a greater number of photos and videos than WeTransfer.

WeTransfer has been around for a number of years as a desktop Web app for transferring large files, and yesterday it released a WeTransfer app for iOS (an Android app is promised soon). The mobile app lets you share up to 10GB of photos and videos from your iPhone at once. The files are uploaded to WeTransfer's servers, and your recipient(s) receive a download link to a ZIP file. Your photos and videos stay on WeTransfer's servers for a week, after which they are deleted. (Subscribers to the $10-a-month WeTransfer Plus service get to keep their uploads in perpetuity, among other benefits.)

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Using WeTransfer on the iPhone is free and easy. You can begin using the service immediately; no sign-up is required. Simply grant the app access to your camera roll and tap the photos and videos you'd like to share. You can swipe up and down with two fingers to jump to the previous or next month of photos, and you can tap and hold on thumbnails to preview photos and videos. The app keeps a running count of the size of the transfer you are creating as you select your files, though 10GB is a large amount of space.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

When you have your selection set, tap the "next" button or swipe left on the top half of the screen to bring up a simple form with To, From, and Message fields, and then tap the "transfer" button.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

During a transfer, WeTransfer shows you your progress along with rotating photographic backgrounds. The app makes this page attractive because transfers are paused if the app runs in the background. You can also tap the transfer page to pause a transfer.

Via AppAdvice.