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Send one-click automated Gmail replies with Chrome extension

The GmailWiz extension adds four buttons that let you reply with custom automated responses.

Do you find that you are forced to repeat yourself throughout the workday? If this repetition occurs via e-mail, then you might give GmailWiz a try. This Chrome extension adds up to four buttons to Gmail that send automated responses.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

After installing GmailWiz, a thumbs-up Like button gets added to the right of Gmail's reply button. You won't see this button when viewing your inbox; it shows up only when you are reading an e-mail message. You'll also see that wand icon gets added just above, in the row with the print and open in new window buttons. Click on the wand to go to GmailWiz's settings.

In settings, you can choose to enable any of the four available instant-reply buttons. They are: Like, TL;DR (too long; didn't read), Got it, and Let's Discuss. Each of the buttons comes with a default response, but you can change it if you'd like. Also in settings, you can choose whether these instant replies will go to only the sender or everyone on the thread.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

In use, GmailWiz's buttons are truly one-click responses; you do not need to hit send or reply after clicking one of them. After you click one of the GmailWiz buttons, the extension loads your reply and off it goes.

(Via AddictiveTips)