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Send Maps directions in Chrome to your Android phone

In a hurry to get somewhere but need directions? Now you can send the directions to your Android phone before you even leave home or the office.

Nicole Cozma/CNET

It's dangerous to look up directions while you're driving or biking. Voice input can help ease the burden of typing in an address to Google Maps, but it's not perfect and you may end up needing to type the address or business name anyway.

To help keep your eyes on the road, Google has added a feature to send directions from Chrome to your phone, before you leave. Here's how:

Step 1: Type send directions into the omnibox in Chrome, or the homepage.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 2:If you have more than one device on your account, make sure the directions are being sent to the correct one in the upper right-hand corner of the send directions card.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 3: Type in the destination address and click Send directions to my phone.

Your phone will automatically load the Google Maps app with the location you specified. Just tap the transportation icon and you'll be greeted with navigation to your destination.

What else would you like to see included in this feature? Share your thoughts in the comments.