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Save electricity with this super-easy cooking tip

This tip takes zero effort, but is totally Earth-friendly.


Turn off that burner a little early for Earth-friendly cooking.

Alina Bradford

Saving the Earth can be hard, but this little tip is so easy it's a no-brainer. When cooking on your electric range, turn off the burner a few minutes before the dish is done.

According to the California Energy Commission, the burner will still release enough heat to finish up the cooking process, but will save electricity. You can use this tip when cooking in the oven, too, for added savings.

Granted, this tip only saves a little electricity, but if you do it consistently, the savings can add up.

When to use this tip

This tip will work best when simmering, reheating or cooking soups and stews. I wouldn't suggest using this tip when you're pan frying or searing meat, though. These cooking processes need a lot of consistent heat and turning off the burner may lower the temperature enough that your food won't cook properly.

I gave cutting the heat a shot with several different dishes and it worked perfectly. If you shut off the burner around five minutes before a dish is ready, the burner will still provide plenty of heat to finish the cooking process.

The bonus is you don't have an exposed, flaming-hot burner when you're done cooking. That's good news for anyone who has kids or curious cats.