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The Fix rocks out

Make it easier to enjoy music at home with tips on archiving your CDs, choosing the right streaming music service, and updating your speakers for wireless sound.

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It's amazing to think of all the different technologies we've invented just to listen to music. From the phonograph to the radio, 8-tracks and cassettes, CDs and MP3s, our love of music has left us with a tangled history of audio formats.

Lucky for us, today's music is largely invisible. Whether you're streaming it from the cloud, playing albums off your phone, or even beaming music across the room to Bluetooth speakers -- today's music flows invisibly through the world like magic. At least, in theory.

This episode of The Fix is meant to help us all get a little closer to that magical, invisible jukebox. For her part, Sharon shows off a new way to make your existing speakers wireless. Eric will give you a tour of some of the best subscription music services for outsourcing your music collection to the cloud. And if you're still hanging on to a box of old, hard-to-find CDs, I'll show you how to archive them to your computer so you can clear out some room in your closet.

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