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Reveal shortened URLs with Unshorten.it

Shortening Web addresses makes sense for Twitter and other cramped media forms, but they carry hidden risks. Unshorten.it is a Web site that reveals the full link and offers safety suggestions.

We usually follow links from folks we trust, but all too often we click any old link we come across. URL shortening has made this a riskier proposition, as we can't tell where we're going until we get there, and the possibilities for mischief are nearly endless.

Unshorten.it is a great Webapp that will expand shortened links for you and try to predict the safety of the final destination. Just copy and paste the shortened link into the text bar across the top and click "Unshorten.It!" The Webapp will take a little while to check it out on its own, keeping your computer free from any harmful influences. When it's done, you should get a title, full URL, snippet and screenshot. You also get four safety ratings provided by Web of Trust if the site has been rated; these can be handy if you're still on the fence.

Unshorten.it report.
Unshorten.it report. Rob Lightner/CNET

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