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Remotely access your computers with LogMeIn

Remote access to your own or your parents' computer can save a lot of fuss. LogMeIn lets you make that happen right in your web browser.

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We've all had times when we're out and about, and we really wish we could be staring at our computer screen back home. Or times when we've had a tech-support request from a parent, and wished we could just take over their computer to fix it for them.

If this sounds like you, and you haven't set up LogMeIn, well, it's time. Just do it. Get LogMeIn. You need to set up an account and then install the software on to all the computers that you need to reach from afar.

Once in place, visiting the LogMeIn website will let you log-in and take control of any of the systems attached to your account. As long as the computer is turned on, you will gain remote access, and you can do whatever you need to. The experience will vary depending on your remote connection, but, when you really need it, this free service is a lifesaver.

There are even LogMeIn apps to let you access and use your remote computers from smartphones and tablets.

A paid subscription adds useful features to the service, like drag-and-drop file copying.