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How a Reddit user turned Amazon Dot into a better Tap

A reddit user managed to turn their Amazon Dot into an even better portable Alexa device than the Tap.

Last week, Amazon's two new Alexa devices -- Dot and Tap -- arrived on the doorsteps of those who were lucky enough to place their orders before the devices became backordered. The Dot is essentially a much smaller Echo that can be paired with external speakers either via 3.5mm or Bluetooth.

The Tap is similar to the Dot or Echo, except it's battery-powered, making it the only portable one of the bunch. It's also the only Alexa device that doesn't have a wake word; instead, you must tap a button to wake Alexa and issue commands. Without that wake word, even when on the charging dock, the Tap's usefulness is limited.

However, Reddit user codeRoman managed to create his own improved Tap by pairing an Amazon Dot with a JBL Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a portable charger. He paired the Dot to the speaker via Bluetooth, plugged it into the speaker to charge using the Dot's Micro-USB port, and strapped it to the speaker using two rubber bands.

Always-on Battery-powered Echo from amazonecho

This Dot workaround provides portability of the Tap while maintaining the convenience of having a wake word. Better yet, the JBL Charge 2 portable speaker can be found online for less than $100, meaning you can have your own truly portable Alexa experience for around the the same price as an Echo.