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Recalls Plus alerts parents of product recalls

Stay informed of the latest product and allergen recalls concerning your children.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Parents buy products for their children on a daily basis, trusting the various companies to put out a safe product. But how do you know if a product is later found to be defective and has a recall? Not all recalls are broadcast on the nightly news, and going to the local store to view the message board of recalls isn't exactly convenient.

Enter Recalls Plus.

Recalls Plus allows parents to enter products, an age range, or allergens to monitor for recalls. The service will then alert you if there is a new recall pertaining to your specific product or category.

You can access your Recalls Plus account a couple of different ways. The first way is a free iPhone app that allows you to manage, monitor, and receive push alerts when a recall is issued. One addition to the iPhone app that would be great to see would be the ability to scan a bar code off a product to either search for it, or to add it to your watch list. As it is now, you have to search for the product by name. The second way is through the Facebook app, again allowing you to manage all aspects of Recalls Plus via your Facebook account.

Recalls Plus will help keep a parent's mind at ease and be reassured the products they are using for their children are safe, and recall-free.

(Via: iMore)