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Taylor Martin/CNET

Quickly scroll through emoji on iOS by swiping the toolbar

Looking for that perfect emoji? There's a hidden way to scroll through emoji faster on iOS.

Apple is notorious for littering its operating systems with hidden features that make using their devices easier.

For instance, there's no visible backspace button in the stock iOS Calculator app. Yet, the everyone lost their minds when someone discovered swiping on the numbers entered (not the keypad numbers) would backspace one time.

That's just one of many hidden gems you will find in iOS.

Taylor Martin/CNET

Another pointed out by Reddit user O4Genius deals with quickly navigating the stock iOS emoji keyboard.

When you open the emoji keyboard, there are nine different categories to choose from: Frequently Used, Smileys & People, Animals & Nature, Food & Drink, Activity, Travel & Places, Objects, Symbols and Flags. To change between categories, you can either swipe left or right on the emojis, which will slowly take you through all available emojis, or tap on one of the category icons in the toolbar at the bottom.

What you may not have known, however, is that you can also swipe on the toolbar. This scrolls through the categories in chunks, sort of like the page scroll feature in a cable or satellite TV guide. It's faster than scrolling one by one, but not as fast as jumping straight to a channel.

Best of all, if you're using a 3D Touch-compatible iPhone, you can still use force touch to move the cursor while you're in the emoji keyboard. And while the same trick doesn't work in all third-party keyboard emoji menus, it does work in Google's Gboard on iOS.