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Quick tip: Launch a pop-up compose window in Gmail

Gmail's new compose window opens up inside the browser window. If you prefer a separate, resizable window to compose your e-mail in, we'll show you how you can launch one.


Google first introduced the new Gmail compose window last October. Users were encouraged to try out the new "compose experience," with the option to revert to the old compose method. Just a couple of weeks ago, Google announced that the new compose would now be the default and that it'd be rolled out to all users.

If the new compose window feels a bit cramped to you, we've got a tip that'll let you stretch it out a little while composing your e-mails. Instead of being stuck to the inside of your browser, you can launch a resizable pop-up Gmail compose window.

To launch the pop-up compose window, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard while you click on the compose button. This also works when you click on the reply button.

Gmail pop-up compose window
The pop-up Gmail compose window can be resized to your preference. Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET
Use the keyboard shortcut, Shift + C, to launch the compose window even faster. You can also reply in a new window (Shift + R), reply all in a new window (Shift + A), and forward in a new window (Shift + F).

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