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Publish an iPhoto Journal on your personal Web site, instead of iCloud

Publishing an iPhoto Journal using iCloud eats into your storage limit. Here's how to host a journal on your personal site.

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We have already taken a look at how to get started with iPhoto for iOS, how to use the new Beam feature, and even the ins and outs of iPhoto Journals. All of which, are great posts to go over to learn more about iPhoto for iOS. While writing the iPhoto Journal post, I discovered that users aren't stuck with hosting their journal using only iCloud, which uses up precious iCloud storage space. iPhoto for iOS allows users to export the files needed to host a journal on their personal site.

    Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET
  • To get the files you will need to publish an iPhoto Journal on your personal site, tap on the Share button when viewing the Journal in iPhoto for iOS. Instead of selecting iCloud or Slideshow, tap on iTunes. A progress bar should then appear while the journal is exported to iTunes.
  • After the export has finished, sync your device to your computer. If the files aren't showing up in the File Transfer box mentioned below, plug your device in to your computer.
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  • When viewing your device in iTunes, click on the Apps tab and scroll down to the File Sharing section. Find and select iPhoto.
  • To the right you will see folders containing journals you have exported to iTunes. You can select one or multiple folders and save them to your computer.
  • Once you have the folder saved to your computer, you can upload the contents of the Public folder to your Web site which will display the journal, complete with the same interactive features of an iCloud-hosted journal. The only exception is that viewers will not be able to download and save any of the photos as they can with the iCloud-hosted version.

As I mentioned in my post covering iPhoto Journals, the biggest downside to self-hosting a journal is that changes made to the journal aren't automatically synced. You will have to resync the journal through iTunes, and re-upload the appropriate files to your site for the changes to be reflected. The upside is that your iCloud account is freed of the extra space a journal can eat up.