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Preview iOS 7 using nothing more than your browser

Want to get a better idea for the look and feel for iOS 7? Here's your chance.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

With the curtains pulled back on the new-look iOS 7, it's only natural for users to want to get a better idea of what the changes actually mean to their daily use. People don't like change -- big or small -- especially when it comes to the tech that's used on a daily basis.

Should you not be a developer and have access to early beta builds of iOS 7, or don't want to deal with all of the bugs and issues that come from dealing with the early test builds, you can click your way through the new operating system using a browser on your computer.

As 9to5Mac reported, the Web site Recombu has posted an interactive iOS 7 guide for you to use.

You'll be able to launch most native apps and view screens of the new design, as well as take photos using the camera app if you're using Chrome or Firefox.

Most of the guide is simply screenshots of the user-interface, with very few of the apps or screens allowing you to go more than one screen deep into the respective app. But there are some apps, such as Mail, that allow you to go all the way down to viewing an e-mail.

You won't find the fancy animations, or get a better idea of all the little nuances that make up iOS 7, but it's as good as it gets for those of us stuck on the outside looking in right now.