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Order from the secret Starbucks menu using iPhone, Android

Using one of these apps, you're able to order a delicious drink that's not even on the Starbucks menu.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Did you know there's a long list of drinks that Starbucks offers that you'll never find on the menu? Truth be told, with the various flavors, the combinations are near endless.

Walking into Starbucks and sticking to its traditional menu can get boring. Sure, the seasonal menu does bring a long list of flavorful drinks to the menu for a limited time (you can actually order those same drinks year round), but wouldn't it be great if you could expand the menu?

The secret menu, as it's called, is nothing more than flavor combinations coffee enthusiasts have come up with that make for a delicious treat. Instead of trying to remember all of the drinks you want to try, use one of these apps to place a creative order.

For iOS users, as iMore recently pointed out, there's a paid app called Secret Menu for Starbucks (pictured above). The app is 99 cents and includes the recipes for over fifty different drinks. If you have a favorite drink not listed on the regular menu, and not in the app itself, there's an option to submit your recipe for future inclusion.

You'll find recipes for a Burnt Marshmallow Macchiato, a Happy Shot (a caffeine fiend's best friend), or a Fruit Roll Up Refresher. The barista may not know any of the drinks by name so the app includes directions on how to order it. You can also set a list of favorite drinks for quick access when it comes time to place your order.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

For Android users there's Hidden Menu Coffee Drinks. The app comes in a free flavor, and a paid flavor. The free version provides a healthy list of drink recipes, with the ability to favorite recipes. As you may have noticed, the name of the app doesn't mention Starbucks specifically, but is instead intended to be a general recipe list for coffee shops. The free app provides twenty-five recipes, with the seventy-five recipes in the paid app, costing you 99 cents.

Here's to trying new drinks and discovering new things. Cheers!