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Android users can snap photos while recording video again

At one point, Google removed the feature only to add it once again with a recent update.

Tap on the new shutter button while recording video to snap a photo.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Nexus users, it's time to open the Play store and update the Google Camera app. Among other enhancements, today's update brings back the ability to snap a photo while recording video on your Android device.

The same feature was spotted in the second update to the Android N developer preview shortly after its release last week by Android Police.

Once your device installs the new version of Google Camera, and you're recording a video, just tap on the new white shutter button to take a photo. After you're done recording, both the video and photo will be saved to your photo gallery. As is often the case when Google releases an update to its own apps, the Camera update is slowly rolling out to users. If you don't see the update right now, keep checking the Play store.