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Dozens of new emojis are headed your way soon

Google just redesigned its emojis with simpler designs, plus it's adding skin colors and brand-new designs. But you'll have to wait to get your hands on them.

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We're getting a sneak peek at new emojis coming later this year thanks to Google. The latest developer preview of the mobile OS (code named Android N) includes completely redesigned emojis, plus brand-new designs for both Android and iOS that should arrive in the next few months.

Google took some design cues from iOS, redesigning its emoji faces to look simpler and more human-like. You'll also soon be able to pick a different skin color for many of the people emoji, such as the princess, boy, girl and construction worker.

These new emojis will very likely be available with the official release of Android N, whenever that happens. Until then, let's take a look at the most noticeable emoji upgrades and see what's new with each.


Police officer

The strange blob police officer is gone and now we have something that looks a bit more human. In fact, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the iOS police officer. The drawback is that the original Android emoji doesn't appear to have a gender, while the new one skews male. Come on, Google, women can be cops too.

Face throwing a kiss

The head-tilting blob gets a sleeker look here, while maintaining that classic pucker-up face. I'm a big fan of Google's take on faces, which are far cuter than the Apple ones.


Look, I've never liked the poop emoji and the original Android one is the worst I've seen. The new Android one looks way too enthusiastic for a pile of poop, but it's a good improvement.


The new Android running guy emoji has clothes! And he's running in the same direction as the iOS runner. They could be twins if not for the different colored hair. While the details add a lot more the the emoji, I'm irked that we still only have a running man and not a running lady.

Information desk person

The "whoop it up lady" (not her real name apparently) gets perhaps the best makeover of them all. The original emoji looks like some kind of cartoon creature flight attendant that I never want to serve me. The new emoji is better in every way and conveys the same excitement and attitude of the iOS version.


The differences here are subtle, but Google scaled back on the cartoonish look for something a bit more lifelike. Notice that shading in the rice and grain marks in the salmon (or is it tuna?). Those are two pieces of nigiri I'd love to eat.

New emojis, not just for Android

Clockwise from top left: bat, pregnant woman, cartwheel, nauseated face, pancakes and avocado.


The Unicode Consortium, the organization that sets the design standards for emoji across all platforms, is slated to launch a new set of emojis in mid-2016. Last year we got the much-desired taco, burrito and unicorn and this year's emojis include an avocado, gold medal, croissant, shark and call-me hand.

These new designs will be available for both iOS and Android, and we should see them on phones with the next iOS and Android updates.

I'm already excited about the bat and avocado, plus this black heart speaks to me. Which new emojis do you want to see and which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.