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Meet friends more easily with Forecast

Foursquare is great, but checking in doesn't help your friends plan to meet you. Forecast is a great, free app that lets you check in where you want to go so you can all meet up more easily.

Telling friends where you are or where you've been is one thing, but telling them where you're going to be is essential for meetups. Forecast is a great, free app that builds on Foursquare and lets you preannounce your whereabouts to maximize the chances of your people joining the party. Here's how to use it: 

  • Download Forecast here for Android or here for iOS
  • Run the app and sign in with Foursquare. 
  • You can invite your Foursquare friends to Forecast, if you like. (You can also do this later, of course.) 
    Forecast main page
    Forecast main page
  • To set up an event, just tap Forecast in the upper right. You're shown your top Foursquare check-ins, but you can pick anything by tapping the search button in the top right. 
  • Select a date and time, then tap the I'll Be There button at the bottom of the screen. (If you're already there, just tap the I'm Here Now button at the top.) 
    Set time and date in Forecast
    Set time and date in Forecast
  • Add a comment if you want, with the familiar 140-character cap. You can post to Facebook, Twitter or both, though you will of course need to sign in to those services first. 
  • You can check and edit Forecasts you've already made if you like, and respond to the Forecasts created by your friends. Like all social networks, Forecast works best with a large friends list, but the utility it offers should mean that your Foursquare friends won't take much convincing to get started.